Rope Brake

The Vertex Rope Brake Model V100 meets all requirements of the B44 06 Safety Code for Elevators.

The Vertex Rope Brake Model V100 uses a hydraulic cylinder to activate a clamping device through which the elevator cable passes.

The pressure exerted operates the cylinder and is controlled by a closed hydraulic system. This system is monitored by a mini computer for pressure and leakage.

The same computer monitors all of the operating safety relays for redundancy failure each time the Brake activates.

The small size of the clamping device makes it possible to install without having to lift the machine and change the hoist ropes.

The linings of the brake are made of a special Kevlar compound, which is long wearing and will not be affected by lubrication of the elevator ropes.


By using very few moving parts we have created a low maintenance product.